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Saturday, October 30, 2010

if i die tonyte?

السلام عليكم
greeting from Litratista..

If I die tonight
What would I do
On my last day
I know I'd wake early
In the morn' for crack
Of dawn's last pray
Then prolly go for breakfast
Like I used to do
Fried kuey teow FAM
And roti canai at Raju's
With my boo
And friends from way back
Neighborhood homies
Extended fam
They only know me
As that same cat
With that shaved head
Rocking Cross Colors
Sneaks to school
Writin' rhymes at the back of class
Playing tricks on fools
Then I'd come back to the crib
Tidy up a bit
Y'all know my room's messy
Though classy
Start arrange my ish
Line up my shoes one by one
Start with Jordans
And end with them Air Force Ones
Put a Post-it on the tongue
Of each one
With the name of each dun
I think I know my homies
And who would want which one
Get on the phone
And holla' at everybody
It's nearly noon
Gots to have lunch
With the family
Then spend the last day
I don't know
Try do a million other things
Hoping somehow
Time will slow
I guess what
I'm trying to say is
Take everyday
Like it was your last
Work towards your dreams
Before you pass
And have a blast
While you at it
'Cause we don't know
When we go go
So make the best of it
Just keep it real to yourself
And to all people
If y'all lost somebody before
Remember there'll be a sequel

If I die tonight
You know it'll be alright
Just smile for me
Reminisce the fond memories

Well if I die tonight
I wonder
Where I'll be tomorrow
Nobody cry please
Push away the sorrow'
Cause I ain't been
The best of men
The best of friends
The best of mom
And daddy's last son
The best of anything
Tell her here's a last one
If I die tonight
Would I be forgiven
By all the people
I been slackin' with
When I was livin'?
Those who I hurt their hearts
Took advantage of
And even lied to
Hug you one last time
For forgiveness
Yeah I would like to
If I die tonight
Would you feel the loss?
Tomorrow would you dial
My number by accident
Then suddenly... pause?
If I die tonight
I wonder who would get
To keep my caps and shoes
Jerseys, even my little
Stuffed crocodile Coco too
Get my cell phone
Message everyone from A to Z
Tell 'em this ain't aca
He passed away last night
And pray he rest in peace
If I die tonight
Would you think of my room
When you see blue
Wanted to clean it up this morning
But then I never knew
If I die tonight
What would happen to her
How long would it take
Before she kissed another man?...
God damn...
At fast food joints
Would she still order
The same combo meal for two?
Things I wish I knew..

A cute lil' thing
To many eyes
To me you were simply
A beautiful thing
I tell no lies
We went from
Mere invisible friends
To pals real tight
Rendezvous up on the net
To chitty chat all night
I used to pick you up
Until you got your own ride
A slammin' two door whip
A grey 36-72Lookin' all slick
Remember when I asked why this
You said because it's real fast
So you can rush
To see your boy after class
The last timeWe met was '22 october
You left feelin' upset over...
somethingI can't remember...
When I was deep in my sleep
Your loss taught me
Not to take my friends for granted
Gotta slam it quick
Death you never plan it
You're sorely missed down here
Rest in peace
This too shall pass
But our true friendship will never cease...

Friday, October 29, 2010


Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. 

A mother is she who can take the place of all others

captured by : Aca Litratista - "mom"

wish from a boy.."dear god, make me the kind of my daddy is.."
heard the wish, the father pray, "dear god..make me the kind 0f man my son wants me to be.."
captured by : Aca Litratista - "dad"

Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts. 
captured by : Aca Litratista - "our moment"

It isn't enough for your heart to break because everybody's heart is broken now.
captured by : Aca Litratista - "journey"

dun walk in front of me, i may not follow. dun walk behind me, i may not lead. juz walk beside me n be my fren..
tribute to my lecturer, n of coz, my fren. Sir Qayyum. =)
captured by : Aca Litratista - "sir Q"

Love can be put off, never abandoned. 
captured by : Aca Litratista - "abandoned history"

Courtesy is the one coin you can never have too much of or be stingy with
captured by : Aca Litratista - "seling"

I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity
captured by : shooter - "crowdie"

It's surprising how much of memory is built around things unnoticed at the time.
captured by : Aca Litratista - "back to da oldies"

A man's country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, but it is a principle and patriotism is loyalty to that principle.
captured by : Aca Litratista - "i'm malaysian, n i'm proud of it!"

The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it.
captured by : Aca Litratista - "smile"

dream as if u'll live 4eva..n live as if u'll die today
captured by : Aca Litratista - "alive"

Probably the happiest period in life most frequently is in middle age, when the eager passions of youth are cooled, and the infirmities of age not yet begun; as we see that the shadows, which are at morning and evening so large, almost entirely disappear at midday
captured by : Aca Litratista - "we own it!"
captured by : Aca Litratista - "waiting for da rain"
captured by : Aca Litratista - "once needed"
captured by : Aca Litratista - "once forget"
captured by : Aca Litratista - "silent"
captured by : Aca Litratista - "still"
captured by : Aca Litratista - "tinggal"
captured by : Aca Litratista - "pagi"
captured by : Aca Litratista - "old"
captured by : Aca Litratista - "pemancing pagi"
captured by : Aca Litratista - "Adam"
captured by : Aca Litratista - "rust"
captured by : Aca Litratista - "far away"
captured by : Aca Ltratista - "Lonely"

captured by : Aca Litratista - "masjid terapung kuala terengganu"

captured by : Aca Litratista - "abandoned"

kawan n sahabat

السلام عليكم
greeting from Litratista..
Baru doploh taon hidup..mcam2 da aku rase. mcam2 da aku jmpe.. mcam2 jgakla yg aku da knal. tpi doploh taon - xckup agi nk mnjdikan aku sorang manusia. doploh taon - xckup nk wat aku btol2 knal dunia..tpi even xbnyak, aku mgkin bleh pham cket2 ape yg org ckap tu 'realiti'.  pkataan pndek, tpi mcam2 leh cite ngan mnde ni. ahaha. dari kecik, smpai skrang..aku da knal serba sdkit psal hidup. tpi cam aku ckap td. bukan semua. salah satu yg aku taw, pasal 'kawan'. aku taw, tpi aku xpham sgt. pe yg aku taw? kawan - senang nk cari..tpi susah nk jmpe. kawan2 aku ramai..skola dulu..tyme abes skola..n skang kwan2 kt kolej. dok kt kolej ni 2 tahun lbeyh da wat aku knal cket2 pasal diorg. mcam2 prangai ade..haha. bg aku semuenye baek2..susah nk cari kwan2 mcam diorg. klo nk sbut sorg2 tu bnyak sgt..snang ckap..stkat yg aku knal..most of kwan2 aku mmg baik2..DPH part 5, DTM part 5..ur  da best!

sir Q, (me), adam, sopi, umie, kak effa, le'a, que

ckup stakat tu. ade org ckap kwan tu bkan mcam 'sahabat'. - satu g pktaan yg aku xpham sgt.   sahabat tu ape?  sesetengah org ckap jgak..smue sahabat tu ialah kwan..tpi bukan semue kwan tu bleh jdi sahabat.. pelik an? xlah..xpelik. sbb aku da rase. mcam2 da aku rase. aku ade kwan..aku ade teman..tpi sahabat? mngkin ade..aku sndri xpsti. takot nk mke sure sape sbnanye sahabat aku. mgkin aku ade rse spe2 tu sahabat aku, tpi mcam aku ckap tdi. aku takot nk taw..btol ke tu sahabat? bukan senang nk trime kalo kite dpat taw yg kite anggap sahabat tu, mgkin bukan sahabat yg kite cari. 

captured by : Aca Litratista
hahaha..bnyak pkataan "sahabat" yg aku gune kan? peduli ape aku..page aku. hahha. kawan2..mcam2 jenis aku ade..mcam2 prangai aku jmpe. n bile aku tgok kwan2 aku..aku taw, bukan smua mcam yg dianggap. yg org sangke buruk, bkan semuanye teruk..n yg org sangke baik, bukan smuanya baik. bnyak kali aku sedar yg kwan2 aku bukannye sahabat yg dmksudkan. aku sndri bukan yg tbaik, tapi aku mgharapkan yg terbaik dri kwan2 aku, yg bleh aku angkt mnjadi SAHABAT! Alhamdulillah..ade jgak yg bleh bimbing aku sorang due. ade mase aku sakit dsbabkan kawan sndri, ade mase aku sedih dsbabkan kawan sndri, ade mase aku perit mngenangkan kawan sndri. tpi aku xpnah mnyesal knal sape2. sbb semua tu ajar aku mcam2. ajar mcam mane nk pilih kawan, mcm mane nk knal kawan..n ape itu sahabat.

sahabat atau kawan?

"Perumpamaan teman yg baik & teman yang tidak baik ialah umpama wangi-wangian dan tukang besi. Adapun pembawa wangi-wangian, sama ada dia memberinya sedikit ataupun anda membeli daripadanya sedikit ataupun kamu dapat mencium dprdnya bau yang wangi. Manakala tukang besi, sama ada dia membakar bajunya ataupun kamu akan mencium dairpadanya bau-bauan yang busuk." sabda Nabi s.a.w.

sahabat bnyak mmbawa pengaruh dalam hidup ni, org bleh knal kite bile tgok kwan2 kite. even bg aku sndri. tpi mak aku pnah pesan, bkwanlah dengan sape2 pon..baik..buruk..asalkan aku pndai amek smua tu sbg pnduan ntok hidup ak sndri. aku pegang kate2 tu. tpi aku xnafikan ade jugak mase aku tlupe pesanan tu..aku mnyimpang. aku tlupe kawan mcam mane yg ptut aku ikot,,kwan mcam mane yg patot aku jadikan teladan. semua org dlam dunia ni ade mcam2 crita pasal 'kawan' dan 'sahabat'. macam aku jgak.. aku naaaak sgt anggap smua kawan2 aku sbg 'sahabat'.. tpi sekali aku rase, skali aku kene, aku da jdi ckup brhati2 nk pcayekan sape2, skali kprcayaan aku ilang, susah aku nk trime, susa aku nk pcaye balik. tpi aku xrase serik nk bkawan, sbb aku taw..ade bnyak pngajaran yg aku dpat dri berkawan. as long as aku pham amnde tu yg dinamekan 'kawan'. 
aku sndri bukan kwan yg baik..mcam aku ckap tdi, aku sndri xtaw aku ni jenis kwan yg mcam mane. kwan yg bnyak bwak pedoman ataupun beban?

hari2 yg aku lalui kt kolej ni, aku dpat amek sdkit sbnyak pngjaran dri kawan2 aku..makin mngkat umo ni, mkin aku sdar, pe yg aku nk dri bkawan. mgkin rmai yg da sedar, cari sahabat xsesenang mcm nk cari kawan..
kawan- org cakap teman tyme senang je. tpi sahabat - org ckap tyme suka duka.
btol ke x mnde ni..aaaaaaku xtaw. pnglaman aku bnyak lam berkawan, tpi xckup bnyak ntok paham mnde tu. aku harap satu ari nnti aku btol2 paham. aku harap jgak, even bkan skarang, bile2 nnti..mgkin satu mase aku akn jadi sahabat buat kawan2 aku. 
sbb bg aku, klo nak seseorang sahabat kite, kite kne jadi sahabat seseorang tu dulu.
tu yg aku rase r...tpi bkan ntok smua cndition. sbb ade jgak..bile kte da cube nk jadi sahabat sesorg tu, xmstahil die sndri akan tikam kite ntok ksenangan die. ni mnde yg aku da rase. mgkin aku xpnah jadi ckup baik ntok bkwan dgn sape2..mngkin jgak.
tpi stiap ari yg blalu..aku salu cube ntok jadi yg tbaik ntok kawan2 aku. mcam mane aku nak sorg 'sahabat', mcam tu jgakla aku nk org anggap aku..-sbg sorg 'sahabat'.

captured by : Aca Litratista (cerita photo)

dri yg aku tgok..kawan ni ckup bbeza bila ddepan n dblakang kite..mcam ade 'double personality'. boley tuka2..skjap bleh jadi baik ngan kite..tpi bile kte xsdar, diowg leyh ckap mcam2 pasal kite. ni smue mnde yg aku tgok sndri..mgkin tnpe sdar aku pon mcam tu jgak. whut goes around, cames around. 
aku sndri.bnyak salah yg aku buat kt kawan2 aku, sdar atau xsdar.. so myb tu antare pnybab ntok ape yg aku dpat dri sesetengah kawan2 aku. ape pon trime kasih ntok kawan2 aku...sbb da bnyak ajar aku mcam2..da bnyak bg aku moment2 yg myb susah aku nk dpat ngan org laen... n ntok sahabat aku, till death do us apart.